Gives A whole new meaning to Scary Heads...

You can actually hear the vibrations exiting the mouth thats been carved out by the polypanic stitchvox flows...Consider these Statues. Petrified in HoloMetal, their ancient voices have been temporally truncated and looped (Granulated) in order to assimilate with geological time. if this was incongruent, that is, if the ancient voices were not processed through the granular assimilation program (GAP), the vibratory force inside would cause the Statue-vessel-vertexes to shatter in slow motion, projecting projectiles in every direction, for all time.

The GAP is a patch. It is a Square Peg fit a Round Hole.

What you are hearing is a potential being blocked, humming in the GAP, pacing around in its cells awaiting those moments when it can be realised.